Projection mappings are one of most interesting forms of visual art today.

Our group of artists called Limelight Projection is creating high quality projection mappings all over the world.

Mappings are more and more popular but high quality projection mappings sre still quite rare to see.

What makes a projection mapping high quality? Well this is an interesting question and there are several different answers. According to Limelight’s philosophy a great projection mapping has to meet many requirements and our aim is to create our artworks according to that.

We have created several different types of projection shows for more than 7 years.

We started with monumental slide projections and arrived to the 3D projection mappings but what always remained was that every single creation of ours was especially designed and planned to a certain occasion and each of them were unique creations.

Nowadays in most of our projects we are requested to create 3D projection mappings and it is still a very interesting challenge for us. Creating all those very spectacular 3D animations which are precisely mapped onto facades, could be more than enough to have a successful 3D projection show. On the other hand we believe that 3D projection mapping is much more than that and we try to create our mappings in a way that people feel that they didn’t only see a spectacular show but they also experience something unique which was especially made for them. That’s our aim and that’s what we are working for. We hope that we’ll have the chance one day to create a unique 3d projection mapping in your city and you’ll tell us afterwords if we could make it or not! See you there!